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June 08, 2009


Marc Kasher

Great piece. Very insightful. I understand you are bullish on commodities. How would you suggest getting exposure to companies that can capitalize on growing global demand for clean water?

Brian Lombardi

I agree that just because we have avoided a massive deflationary spiral does not mean we can avoid dealing with the the unsound economic footing that got us there.

Given our nation's leverage, foreign lenders appear poised to get even more vocal in order to chasten our deficit spending. Should a national health insurance alternative prove to be too lofty for the our economic circumstances, health insurance stocks may be the beneficiaries. They are pretty beaten down. Maybe they are the equity market opportunity of the moment?

Charles Ting

A very infomative and well written piece. Do you think present elevated oil price environment, if persist, might kill those green shoots?

I checked with some Chinese manufactories to see if they have received orders from the US and/or Europe for the coming Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping season. I am sure you know the answer already... y-o-y no visible order growth if not declining. Clearly, retailers are not buying this economic recovery just yet.

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